Evalumon Consulting

What we do

  • We provide expertise for your business, project and organisation
  • Board assignments
  • Strategy development and applied research
  • Project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Digital growth marketing projects
  • Communication planning, coaching and consulting
  • Public relations
  • NGO consulting
  • Coaching 

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References & projects

Some examples of recent projects.

Project planning, management and monitoring

Project & Account management consulting for Genero, 2018 –

Administration assistance and development for Åbo Svenska Metodistförsamling, 2018 – 2020

Planning consulting for Inkoo municipality of  developing Barösund area 2019.

Monitoring and evaluation of ODA-projects for FSPM, Philippines, 2018
Church administration development project, Betesda Church, Raseborg, 2017-2018
ODA-project planning för Novia University, FSPM and Habari Maalum College, Arusha, Tanzania, 2017
Monitoring and reporting of ODA-projects for FSPM, India, 2016
Monitoring and reporting of ODA-projects for FSPM, Philippines, 2014

Crisis management consulting

Crisis management Special Advisor, FS Global 2015 – 2019
Crisis Management Plan development for FS Global, 2014 – 2016
Nepal earthquake 2015, crisis management and communication consulting for FS Global
Typhoon Haiyan, Yolanda, crisis management consulting, Philippines 2013 for FSPM

Strategy development projects

Future planning project for FSPM & the pentecostal churches in Finland, 2018
Developing a new strategy for Betesda Church, Raseborg in 2014

Communication concept development

Communication concept development and management for Novia University’s bioeconomy cluster 2014-2017.

Applied research

”Disaster management, risk reduction and NGOs – a case study of the typhoon Haiyan natural disaster in the Philippines 2013” Master’s thesis report, Master of Natural Resources, Novia University, 2016 Continue reading “References & projects”