What we do

  • We provide expertise for your business, project and organisation
  • Board assignments
  • Strategy development and applied research
  • Project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Digital growth marketing projects
  • Communication planning, coaching and consulting
  • Public relations
  • NGO consulting
  • Coaching 

Strategy and applied research

In any planning or strategy process, the participatory of all involved is essential for the final product, project plan, strategy- or policy document. Strategy writing sounds easy, but to get everyone onboard and work in the same direction (in other words, to get the paper to work in practice and to reach the strategic goals), the process is as important. A shared vision in the team where there is full ownership of the team’s mission and strategic goals allows the team to reach it’s full potential.

Other than the actual strategy process, we can also provide background studies, e-surveys and other studies for projects or as background material for decision making processes. We can analyze your organization and team and find key points or problems that need to be solved in order to take the next step towards your future success.

Project planning

Your best project plan is based on your strategy, well defined goals and roles, timeframes and milestones, methods and includes an monitoring and evaluation plan. Together we can analyze the needs, background and find the best ways to reach the project goals. With clear and specific goals and indicators, the outcome is measurable and the success is possible to evaluate.

Project monitoring and evaluation

When your project is ongoing, an independent monitoring can give good feedback about where the project is at, what challenges needs to be met and  what needs to be developed and done better. In monitoring, we look at the project plan, the milestones, goals and indicators, how the resources are used and distributed. The monitoring process gives the company or funding organization independent information about the present state and the near future in the project’s process. The monitoring report is a base document for decision making in the project’s management.

Evaluation is an important part in any project, providing information about how well the project or programme is implemented or executed. The feedback from an independent evaluation provides the funding or running organization information about relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. Please contact us to learn more about the evaluation process and possibilities in your project.

Digital growth marketing projects

We help companies and organizations facilitate digitalization processes, when either shifting from traditional marketing to the digital world or when implementing a new digital strategy.


When we reach our goals and get good results, we want to let people know. Together we can analyze your organization or team’s communication target groups, message, communication strategies and work on professional texts, articles, press releases or for example newsletters. We can work on your social media strategies, publications, websites and other media. When needed, we add people and experts to the planning team from our network of professionals. Together we can take your campaign, your press conference, media contacts to a the next, successful level.

Crisis communication is an art of its own. The best way to handle crisis communication is to be prepared and plan ahead. Together we can facilitate scenarios and possible action plans. If the crisis is already on, there is always some way out. Together we can find that way.

NGO consulting

We have several NGOs that use our consultancy services and we use our experience in the NGO sector to work with organizational strategies, financial planning, administration development in additional to project management, monitoring and evaluation. In NGOs that mostly run on voluntary work, hiring a consultant for a project or to coach the board of directors in specific thematic areas can be an effective way of meeting challenges. Give us a call or leave a message, let´s have a chat about where we could help out.


Niklas is also a certified mental coach by JC institute and specialized in performance coaching, leadership and work-life balance. Read more on niklasandersson.fi