The first two years with Evalumon Consulting


After starting the development of my consulting business in 2017, I now soon have the first year of full-time-consulting with Evalumon Consulting behind. The challenge and main goal of 2019 was as simple as to be able to make a living based on the consulting business. I am happy to say that this goal is very well reached today, since the revenue of 2019 will land of something like 10 times 2018 and with a growth of approximately 1 000 % compared to 2018. The growth is of course easier to achieve if you start with something close to nothing, but still, happy with the results so far.

This year has been very interesting and the development has been quite rapid, actually. Of course my most important cooperation partner today is the work we are doing with Genero. The Genero-cooperation will continue in 2020 and will be the focus of Evalumon’s work as well. The Evalumon-office stayed in Ekenäs 2018-2019, but now when most of the clients that we work with is located in the Helsinki area, we have moved the main office to Kyrkslätt.

In 2019 some of the Evalumon clients-work stats look like this

Direct clients: 8
Public sector: 2
Private sector: 3
Third sector: 3
Clients via cooperation-networks: 9
Projects: 12
Seminars: 4
Startups: 1
Financing: 2
Project planning: 2
Management consulting: 2
Working in countries: Finland, Sweden, Tanzania

I want to thank all of the clients that have made this possible, thank you for the cooperation during 2019! We wish you all a happy Christmas time & a happy new year 2020 with good business for all.

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